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Welcome to EasyAccess our application for remote access connectivity. EasyAccess also works with another tool, PhoneFactor, to allow you to connect to the network on your personal phone. PhoneFactor takes the place of an enrolled FOB, the former method used to log on remotely to the network. We are no longer issuing new FOBs, but if you are already actively using a FOB to log on you can continue to use it for the immediate future.

EasyAccess allows you to securely access company resources through a web browser via your personal or business Internet access service.Because EasyAccess is dependent upon the web browser, it is important that your PC, laptop or device, web browser, and operating system meet minimum specifications and are free from viruses. EasyAccess can be used by any ITS or Legacy Trinity Health colleague, whether they work out of the System Office in Livonia, MI or work remotely at any other location. This is the Easy Access log on web page: https://easyaccess.trinity-health.org

Easy Access will only work on a Windows-based device. Easy Access is supported on the following platforms:

  • Windows XP - 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 7 - 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Internet Explorer Browser - 32-bit

EasyAccess with PhoneFactor

PhoneFactor gives you the option of using your cell phone to log on instead of an enrolled FOB. EasyAccess and PhoneFactor have separate requirements for gaining system access. In both cases you complete a System Access Request (SAR) provided by the Resolution Center. If you already use EasyAccess and want to use your phone to log on, you only need to gain access to PhoneFactor using a SAR. You will receive a detailed email from the Remote Access team walking you through all the steps to set up your phone.
Trinity Access Gateway (TAG)

Trinity Access Gateway (TAG) is Legacy Trinity Health's remote and mobile device access system. TAG is used primarily by Clinicians to access patient information.  Most mobile devices will work with TAG along with Apple and Windows products (Windows 8 does work with TAG and EasyAccess but is not supported by Trinity Health as of this time)
Begin your PhoneFactor User Setup

Navigate to TAG via this URL: https://TAG.trinity-health.org  OR to Easy Access via the URL https://easyaccess.trinity-health.org/phonefactor Both of these sites will direct you to set up PhoneFactor.

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Windows Operating Systems - All Versions: Enable ActiveX Controls

In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level. Look for the ActiveX setting that says "Automatic Prompting for ActiveX Controls." Make sure it is enabled.

When you are prompted while installing or using EasyAccess, to install a related software component, click OK, Yes or Install. Some examples of prompts you may see are:

  • "Install any Active-x controls" or similar prompt from Juniper or Neoteris.
  • "Allow network access"or "Unblock access" for any Juniper, Neoteris, Secure Application Manager (SAM) or similar component


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After you ensure you are connected wirelessly to the Internet, you can get to the Easy Access webpage from your web browser window: https://easyaccess.trinity-health.org

  1. If pop-up dialogs, installation or security warning messages display, click Yes or OK.
  2. Sign in using your user name and password (your pin + FOB token code, if your are a FOB User).
  3. Accept all security dialogs that display.
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Install Secure Application Manager or Network Connect

The final item to install before launching EasyAccess is the Secure Application Manager (SAM) or Network Connect. Each time you connect to the network to access Trinity Health applications you will need to run one or the other (never both at the same time).

Note for Clinical Users: SAM is automatically installed upon first launch for Clinical users. You will not need to install it.

The Secure Application Manager enables your PC to connect to the Trinity network. Without launching SAM, you will be unable to use client / server applications (Cerner, GroupWise, HEAT) or WRQ Web-Reflection terminal sessions.

  1. From the EasyAccess Bookmark page, click the start button next to Secure Application Manager link, located on the left side of the page (first screen shot below).
  2. The Secure Application Manager will install on your computer. This will only take 1-2 minutes. When installed, it may require a reboot.
  3. Once rebooted, log back into EasyAccess and return to the Home page.
  4. Click the Secure Application Manager link. Since it is already installed, this will launch the program.
  5. From now on, each time you log into EasyAccess, click the SAM Start button to launch the client or the Network Connect Start button.

The first time you connect, a dialog box displays to notify you of the launch. Click OK. Reboot if indicated.

A "Connected" icon displays in the system tray at the bottom of your screen.

To end the Secure Application Manager session when logging off Easy Access, right-click on the icon and select End Session from the resulting menu. Or, click the new Sign Out button (open door) on the upper right of the EasyAccess screen.

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After logging into Easy Access, but before accessing any Citrix web client Application, you must install the Citrix client on your PC. You must have already launched the SAM in order to install the Citrix client.

If you have worked remotely before, this may already be installed on your PC. If you are unsure if the Citrix client is installed, you can see if it is, from the Application Login page through Nexus. Citrix client will be labeled as “detected” in the center of the Application login page.

Examples of applications that need the Citrix web client include:

  • HEAT

To install the Citrix web client initially, perform the following steps:

  1. From the EasyAccess Bookmark page, read the instructions under the "Click HERE to install Citrix - Required" bookmark
  2. Click the link to install the Citrix client.
  3. On the next dialog box, select the "Save" button, then OK.
  4. Navigate to the saved file on your local drive and open it.
  5. Select Yes at each prompt.
  6. When the install is complete, close the web browser. This will not require a reboot.
  7. Re-Open web browser and log back into EasyAccess using the appropriate address.
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  • Exit or close all running applications before disconnecting
  • Right-click on the Secure Application Manager icon on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen (in the systray) and choose “End Session”

  • OR, Click the Sign Off button (open door) on the EasyAccess toolbar located in the upper right-hand corner.
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Call the Resolution Center (RC) for any remote access issues. RESOLUTION CENTER: 1-888-667-3003

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