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Trinity Access Gateway – Frequently Asked Questions - Welcome Users!

Q: Do I need to install any software on my computer for TAG to work?
A: Yes, the Citrix Client is required on any device using TAG
For Apple iOS v 10.5 and below: Citrix Web Client
For Apple iOS v 10.6 and above: Citrix Receiver
For Windows -Citrix Receiver

Q: When I enter my credentials, Userid & Password, I get an "Invalid Credentials" message?
A: Make sure you have enrolled your PhoneFactor account, if your account has not been enrolled you will not gain access to TAG.

Q: Will TAG work with all Mobile Devices?
A: TAG will work with all Apple products, TAG will NOT work with Microsoft Windows tablets (Surface Tablet).

Q: I'm having trouble opening the TAG home page from Internet Explorer, the page doesn't appear to fully open, any idea?
A: Change Internet Explorer to "Compatibility Mode". Go to "Tools" on IE, open "Compatibility View Settings", add the site "Trinity-Health.org". This will correct the issue.

Q: When prompting the Cerner link on the portal page, I don't get a Login box?
A: Look down in the system tray, your login may have minimized (HNAM), click on this to login.

Q: What Browsers will TAG work with?
A: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Apple's Safari browser all work well with TAG.

Q: I use Internet Explorer as my browser. When trying to download the Citrix Client, I get a message about allowing an ActiveX Control, what do I do?
A: Run the ActiveX component by clicking on the yellow bar at the top of your browser, if you don't see the yellow bar, then click "save" at the bottom of your screen. This will allow the Citrix client to install.

Q: With the portal open on my iPad, it becomes distorted when shifting to landscape.
A: Under your Settings App, go to the General tab and make sure the "Lock Rotation" button is "On". This may help prevent the distortion.

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